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Artist Statement


I am a storyteller. I use visual and conceptual means to convey experiences, emotions, and ideals. My practice is multidisciplinary and spans a broad range of media- used individually and in multiple combinations or configurations according to the underlying concepts of the work. 

In the postmodern tradition of Bricolage, my materials are collected, remixed and reconstructed, giving them new meaning and providing insight into today’s world. I have always viewed the objects and images around me as another artistic medium that reflects the multiple and varied facets of our lives and our culture. I collect “found objects”, scraps of interesting textures, and rich assortment of images which can be cut, layered, rearranged, and/or altered according to the concept of the work. The act of creating new context through collage permeates my work both- 2D and 3D. 

I carefully consider all aspects of the elements that comprise my artworks, selecting materials for their visual, historical and conceptual significance. Every choice is driven by its inherent meaning and contribution to the message of each piece; nothing is arbitrary or left to chance.

My process starts with an idea: an observation of current issues or events with real human impact. I gather materials that reference the subject in some way. Through intuitive juxtapositions and reconstruction, I work through the creation of new work comprised of the disparate images and artifacts of real lives.   

Contemporary culture with all its foibles and triumphs provides the foundation for my examination, documentation and celebration of life.  Social and political commentary is an important part of my worldview and studio practice.  My work is driven by optimism for what “can be”, often injected with a bit of humor, and juxtaposed with the ideas and events that shape our lives. 

Experiences both shared and personal are reflected in my art, framed by current events and the broader issues, trends, and reactions affecting us. The work connects to underlying beliefs and values driving our culture.  Emotional significance and defining concepts are translated into a visual commentary through material, media and methods. 

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